I have been so busy on my other blog, making music with my brother, tending to the granddaughter, and STUFF, that I haven’t posted here in FOR-EV-ER.  So sorry.

So in the next week, I will fill you in.

The thing on my mind right now is the CD!!!  My youngest brother, (I have 5 brothers), and I made a CD of kids’ music, some original and some traditional.  We had SO MUCH FUN.

Please check it out on Bandcamp https://chilesplay.bandcamp.com  Chiles’ Play is the name of the “band” made up of me on vocals and songwriting and Dan Chiles on everything else.  Dan did all the production work as well.  (See what we did there?  Our last name is/was Chiles – Chiles’ Play? Yeah, clever.)

Chiles’ Play is not JUST music.  We have some card games coming out in the near future as well.  Music, fun and edu-tainment, that’s us.  We also have a real hold-it-in-your-hand CD arriving soon.

bunny in a cup

One of the awesome photos for our CD.

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5 Great Kid-friendly Activity Sites

Here are some craft sites that I love.  They all deal with crafting with littles.

Red Ted Art!   She’s British, I think, and she does amazing crafts with her kids.  The latest is a homemade fidget spinner.  Well, I have watched her video (she has VIDEOS) and I think any kid who tries this will have to be 10 or thereabouts.

Hattifant.  You can download free printables from Hattifant.  The site is dedicated to making homemade paper toys.  The projects are not all that easy but the results are awesome.  You can also buy pdfs of even more projects.

FreeKidsCrafts offers a new craft for kids to make EVERY DAY of the years.  No kidding.

AllFreeKidsCrafts offers a daily e-newsletter.  Sometimes there are too many projects to go through.  Often there are gems.  Sometimes, there are attempts to sell you stuff.

Fun At Home With Kids.  Another British Mom writes about all kinds of things, crafts, geocaching, and the books she’s writing.  Check her out!

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So, this website is all about crafts.  With me, that means crafts that I do with kids.  I also want to let you know about websites that help kids and their minders encourage making.  Making stuff is important.  So many of us can’t make things and that sucks.  My opinion.

I’m doing two “Camp Out” storytimes in the next week or so, to mesh with the Collaborative Summer Reading Club theme, of “Dream Big – Read!”  I wanted a craft that reminded kids of camping out.  I found this craft on Kaboose.com– an excellent resource for parents, troops leaders and librarians like me.  It is so cool and it uses recyclable stuff – old CDs, sticks, stones, etc.

Here’s what the Kaboose craft looks like. Cool, huh?

EXCEPT…in one of my storytimes, the children will be as young as 2.  And in the other one, the kids are between 5 and 8.  The age for this is 6 and up.  Sigh.  Also, anyone who has ever tried to glue things to plastic knows that white glue might work but not all that well.

I had already decided to substitute cardboard egg carton cups for the stones and I sent the craft to a co-worker when I asked her to save egg cartons for me.  She showed it her family and THEY suggested that I also substitute a paper plate for the CD.  Then the whole thing could be used as an actual fire starter.  Oh my!  I love that idea.

Here is my version – not as neat and crafty as Kaboose’s but…:

Little kids campfire.

I cut a hole in the center of the plate so that it could be set on a flashlight like this:

Fire glow!

Hope you like this.  You can pretty easily see how this is put is together.  But to further simplify things, I cut a half inch ring from a paper tube and glued my flames to that.  Then glued it to the plate with the hole in the center.  For very small children, the flame assemblage can be put together before hand.  Not a bad idea.







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Hi!  I’m here so I can comment on WordPress bloggers who insist on members only commenting.  And because, when I have time, I’d like to isolate my posts on crafts and how they relate to stories – and vice versa – to one place and clear my other blog over on blogger – booksnstories.blogspot.com – books, mostly, and stories.  Expect directions on my excellent Bead Bug in a Jar craft soon.

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