5 Great Kid-friendly Activity Sites

Here are some craft sites that I love.  They all deal with crafting with littles.

Red Ted Art!   She’s British, I think, and she does amazing crafts with her kids.  The latest is a homemade fidget spinner.  Well, I have watched her video (she has VIDEOS) and I think any kid who tries this will have to be 10 or thereabouts.

Hattifant.  You can download free printables from Hattifant.  The site is dedicated to making homemade paper toys.  The projects are not all that easy but the results are awesome.  You can also buy pdfs of even more projects.

FreeKidsCrafts offers a new craft for kids to make EVERY DAY of the years.  No kidding.

AllFreeKidsCrafts offers a daily e-newsletter.  Sometimes there are too many projects to go through.  Often there are gems.  Sometimes, there are attempts to sell you stuff.

Fun At Home With Kids.  Another British Mom writes about all kinds of things, crafts, geocaching, and the books she’s writing.  Check her out!


About craftiestories

A children's librarian, blogger, writer, crafter, and occasional accordion player - That's ME! I have about 30 years experience in children's libraries - not including my very first high school job shelving books. I love to make crafts and make up crafts.
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